2000B ‘Pre-Stretch with Inline Scale’ model

Semi-auto stretch wrapper with Pre-Stretch film system & inline scale built-in

  • 150-250 target Stretch range therefore an aggressive stretch option
  • 1.65m Turntable / 3.0m or 2.4m Mast options / build to spec available with lead time
  • Load capacity max 2 tons
  • Scale links to a ink jet printer to confirm weights (gross and net), add pallet weights, alarm system for over/&underweight etc
  • Auto pallet height sensor – standard
  • Programmable wrap cycles & touch pad control system
  • Nylon links & bearings for reduced noise emissions
  • Minimal servicing required & spares/technical support assured from any Afcom Branch workshop
  • Delivery, commissioning & staff training handover generally included + pallet jack ramp per machine

Ideal 1 process system for heavyweight & bulk pallets where loads require weighing & labeling


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