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Industry: Warehousing & Distribution, Agriculture, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Corrugated, Construction

850 P/A Shrink Tunnel


The 850 PA semi automatic sleeve sealer with pneumatic ram pusher is ideally suited to running loose product, trays as well as stacked products (bottles, cans, boxes and books. It is very versatile and can be customised according to your various needs.

  • Belt type | Metal Mesh | Plastic module | Rollers
  • Product guides on deck
  • Stop/Start Tunnel Conveyor
  • Post Seal Bar guides



  • Speed (pack dependent), 10-12 packs per minute
  • 2,5mm seal with hot cut
  • Top and bottom film roll holder
  • Product pack clamp
  • Adjustable pusher face with guides
  • Automatic film feed
  • Striker plate
  • Footswitch activation
  • Automatic Film Feeds
  • Pack Cooling Fans

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