AIRmove² offers an optimum and economic protective packaging solution for customers with medium-sized packaging needs.

The new AIRmove² air pillow system creates air pillows at the touch of a button, offering protection for your inside the box products.

The machine’s compact dimensions means the air pillows can be produced directly at the packing station. And with production output of around ten metres of film per minute, the machine offers fast packing material availability. Thanks to its quick-start function, the AIRmove² is ready to use straight away.

The air pillows created by the AIRmove² are ideal for wrapping, cushioning, and blocking and bracing products and for void fill in-the-box packaging applications.
There are three types of film designed to meet your diverse needs:


The Void film can be used for void filling in various cartons, to protect your products against shock and vibration.

The Bubble film is ideal for wrapping fragile products.


The Cushion film is primarily used for cushioning larger products.

AIRmove® – Two types of air cushions suited to your specific needs.

AIRmove® Cushion

  • a versatile air cushion with multiple air chambers in each film segment
  • flexible form for enclosing and wrapping products
  • voids in packages are filled quickly using one to two layers of air cushions


  • an air cushion specially designed for quick filling of voids
  • each segment of film has an air chamber
  • gaps alongside and above products are filled with one simple movement

Device settings –
Temperature and air can be individually adjusted.

Air fill rate:
By means of the air supply, you can regulate just how much your air cushions should be filled.

Sealed temperature:
Temperature can be regulated so that your cushions will be properly sealed – and your products will reach their destination safely.