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Curby Mini-Taper


The Curby Mini-Taper is a sleek, lightweight manual gummed tape dispenser with a small footprint. Weighing only 2.72kg, it is perfect for small office or home office, retail outlets and low-volume shipping environments with limited workspace. This dispenser is       economically priced, easy to operate and the tape is simple to load. The Curby Mini-Taper allows any size business to enjoy the carton sealing benefits of gummed tape: security, strength and professional packaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable dispenser that does not require electricity
  • Soft touch delivery
  • Easy push tape dispensing
  • Self-contained cutting mechanism delivers clean, even cutting of gummed tape
  • Water brushes provide constant uniform tape wetting
  • Refillable and spill resistant water tank holds enough water to activate 1 roll of gummed tape.
  • Push lever dispenses 25.4cm length of tape; repeat push lever for longer tape length
  • Gummed tape is recyclable and repulpable
  • Only one strip of tape is needed for a strong, secure seal

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