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Forklift 700 Wrapper


The Forklift 700 is a mobile pallet wrapper used to easily wrap pallets on the move. It is a semi-auto mobile stretch wrapper fitted with a core-brake stretch system. The wrapper takes 7-9 hours to reach it's full charge capacity and can work continuously for up to 8 hours.

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile pallet wrapper
  • Soft start & emergency stop functionality
  • Pallet height test sensor
  • PLC Control, Rotation speed
  • Home positioning




Power Supply

110V / 220V, 50/60Hz 1PH,  0.36 kW

Battery Charger

110V / 220V, 50/60Hz 1PH

Charging Time

7 – 9 Hours

Rotation Speed

0 – 10 r/min

Lifting Assembly

Height sensor control for wrapping height

Wrapping Type

Forks insert into the bottom of the object

Pallet Size (L x W x H)

1000mm x 1000mm x ≤1800mm

Machine Size (L x W x H)

1760mm x 1090mm x 2240mm

Machine Weight

360 kg

Work Noise


Environment Condition

Humidity ≤90%, Temperature -10℃ - 40℃

Lubrication Material

Common Lubricating Grease

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