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The strong presence in all the sectors, the technical knowhow grown over 40 years of experience, the willingness to listen to customer needs and the necessity to offer to the customer the easiest solutions, pushed Itipack engineers to develop turnkey solution for the end line packaging. Itipack technical team projects and develops all the necessary equipment for the package handling in all sectors and applications. From the metal sector to the food industries our specialists design and project conveyors systems, wrapping systems, top applicators and all other kind of machines according to customer details, offering only top quality with heavy structure to ensure long life working. ITIPACK turnkey solution is the only answer for the customer that is looking for a unique manufacture for the end line packaging systems specifically studied for their needs and with a high quality level 100% made in Italy.

PET Strapping Size Guide
  M/ROLLkg Breakstrenght
1117009.5X0.6 EMBOSSED3000210
11172212 X 0.6 EMBOSSED2400260
11173315 X 0.6 EMBOSSED2000310
11173115.5 X 0.6 EMBOSSED1750360
11175016 X 0.8 EMBOSSED1200510
11177419 X 1.0 EMBOSSED850750
11176315.5 X 0.9 EMBOSSED1200510
11175016 X 0.8 SMOOTH1200510
11177219 X 1.0 SMOOTH832760


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