Magnus Grade Strapping

Magnus grade (cold rolled, heat treated, medium carbon content) is a specialised high tensile steel strap with excellent shock resistance for the heaviest duty applications


  • Widths ranging from 19mm and 32mm (other widths on application) with deburred edges
  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.63mm through to 1.0mm
  • Tensile strengths of 1040-1050 mpa/mm2 with superior elongation properties for exacting industries such as steel mill produced coils of 22 tons where safety is considered critical.
  • Surface treatments providing corrosion prevention include black painting also allowing for high joint strength in crimp type seal systems, and waxing for additional benefits of improved tension transmission around load corners and superior strap feed through system arches.
  • Coil sizes ranging from 45 kgs/ coil to 425 kgs/coil to suit end system applications including specialised fully auto strapping production lines.vvvv