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MH-FJ-1AW S/A Standard Carton Sealer


The MH-FJ-1AW is a semi-automatic carton sealer with a manual adjustment. The machine is suitable for serial closing of corrugated boxes with polypropylene or PVC tape on the top and/or bottom. A professional finish is guaranteed by pressure rollers pushing the flap openings together. The height and width are fast and easy to adjustment using the handles.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy & fast size adjustment
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Professional finished look
  • Transport speed of up to 20m per minute
  • Various optional accessories available
    • Stainless Steel Finish
    • Deviating working height
    • 400V/3Ndesign
    • Tape unit of 75mm instead of standard 50mm
    • Extra tape units (50mm – 75mm)
    • Tape alarm





230V/1~N/50Hz, 0.4kW

Tape Compatibility

Polypropylene or PVC

Max Tape Width

Tape: 50mm, core: 76mm, overlap: 40-50mm

Max Carton Size (L x W x H)

150mm-unlimited, 120-480mm, 120-480mm

Sealing Speed

30 Cartons / min

Transport Speed

20m / min

Ambient Temperature

+5 to +45



Machine Size (L x W x H)

1090mm x 1050mm x 1435mm

Machine Weight

200 Kg

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