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MIP-4900 Sealless Steel Strap Combination Tool


The MIP-4900 has the flexibility of an adjustable strap width ranging between 12.7mm, 16mm and 19mm steel strapping sizes. With minimal effort, the operator can tighten, seal, and cut the strapping all with one tool. The convenience of the MIP-4900 sealless combination steel strapping tool reduces inventory costs and saves operator fatigue. Because the MIP-4900 is so easy to operate, it allows for quick repair and is easy to access wear parts. Its longevity is increased with reversible die punches in the tool. As one of the lightest combination tools, the MIP-4900 weighs 9 pounds. Regular Duty & High Tensile Steel Strap Sealless Combination Tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for flat pack applications
  • Interlocking features eliminates seals
  • Regular duty and high tensile steel applications
  • Sealless 3 Key Locking
  • Tool Weight: 3.8 Kg



MIP 4900


Mechanical / Manual


Tensions, seals and cuts strap

Strap Compatibility

Steel Strapping

Strap Thickness

0.43mm – 0.63mm

Strap Sizes

12.7mm, 16mm, 19mm

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