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Industry: FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Corrugated

Orbital Wrapper


The orbital wrapping machine, applies stretch film to a load supported on a vertical rotating ring. It passes the load through the ring's eye in a horizontal position. The load is either suspended within the rotating ring by hand, machinery or resting on a conveyor as it moves through the machine. The stretch on the film is achieved by creating tension between the load and film roll using a brake or gear ratio system.

Features & Benefits

  • Various arch sizes available for medium to large goods.
  • Belt driven rotation unit
  • Clamp, smooth, cut and seals film automatically
  • Continuous operating cycle by foot-control
  • Photo eye controls the start and stop of wrap cycle
  • PLC control with LCD text display, reliable performance and easy to use.
  • Invert control working speed
  • Variable frequency for soft start and soft stop position function.
  • Easy to maintain and energy efficient
  • CE Certified
Power1P AC 220 V 50Hz
Air Pressure0.40.6 MPa
Rotating Speed150rpm
Film Width76mm(3”), 102mm(4”), 127mm(5”)
Table Height750 mm(adjustable)
Packaging Ability (Round Package)Φ102~330mm
Packaging Ability (Rectangular Package)Width 102~550 mm, Min.height 50 mm, Max.diagonal 560 mm
Machine DimensionL1249mm× W1315mm× H1593mm
Machine Weight315kg

*Machine specifications might differ slightly depending on the machine model.

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