Paperplus Classic²

PAPERplus® Classic offers the most versatile function of any in-the-box paper packaging product. Choose from two versions of the PAPERplus® Classic machines and a variety of paper ranges that provide paper pads for different packing situations depending on space and production capacity. Our standard machine model produces slightly bulkier paper mattresses that work well in larger boxes. PAPERplus® GE, the optimised GE machine model uses smaller paper rolls to produce pads that allow easier handling for packaging in small and medium size boxes. This smaller pad meets the economical needs of today´s smaller carton shipper.


PAPERplus® Classic².  paper padding:

In-The-Box applications

PAPERplus® Classic² is used for products in higher weight categories. The thick, multi-ply paper produces a pad suitable for cushioning products weighing up to several kilograms. PAPERplus® Classic² is tear resistant and the paper pads can be easily shaped, making PAPERplus® suitable for a variety of packing techniques. The PAPERplus® pads provide the strength and durability to stabilize heavy objects and provide the bulk needed for superior cushioning and void fill.

The protective function of the PAPERplus® Classic² paper padding is CUSHION.

Cushioning protection is achieved in the example above using two coiled paper pads. First, one of the rolled-up paper pads is placed in the empty box, and the packaged goods then placed on top. The second coil is then placed over the goods. The goods sink into the lower cushion, and when the lid is closed, they press into the top cushion. Result: all-round protection.

The advantages of PAPERplus® for protective packaging: 

  • Wide range: individual solutions from a diverse range
  • Superior: outstanding cushioning effect and compressive strength
  • Efficient: creasing technology for maximum material utilisation
  • Reliable: high availability through proven technology
  • Ergonomics: e.g. touch panels, foot pedals and noise reduction
  • Image: paper has a favourable image with end customers
  • Environment: papers with FSC certification and no coated types


Resources are necessary for the production of protective packaging. Without protective packaging or in the case of too little or incorrectly used protective packaging, the transported products will be damaged, however, new production of these goods is a waste of resources. For this reason, Storopack advocates the effective and efficient use of protective packaging.


REUSE means that…

this product can be reused multiple times for its original purpose.

  • Because of the outstanding quality of PAPERplus®, the paper padding can be used many times.

REDUCE means that…

this product and the related production process are designed to keep the use of natural resources as low as possible.

  • Storopack supplies paper with recycled constituents. This means an efficient use of the recycling loop.
  • Manufacture of the narrower GE paper rolls requires up to 20l less water and energy.

RECYCLE means that …

Post-consumer or production waste from this product can replace raw materials.

  • PAPERplus® paper padding is part of the paper recycling loop and is fully recyclable. Storopack does not use coated paper. Disposal via existing recycling facilities contributes to reducing the use of primary raw materials.

PAPERplus® uses only inks which the recycler can easily remove (de-inking process).

RENEW means that …

this product is produced from renewable raw materials, e.g. from wood or plants.

Storopack uses only paper with PEFC certification for sustainable forest management