Plain or Printed Gummed Tape

Gummed tape offers one of the best ways to seal a carton.



In today’s competitive business environment, the gummed tape carton closing system offers a number of specific advantages:

  • Tamper Evident Carton Sealing
  • Reduce theft and the potential for product tampering.
  • Neat Professional Appearance
  • A professional appearing package reflects well on both the product and the organisation.
  • Cost Control – 1 Strip
  • Electric & Manual dispensers provide just the right amount of tape, never any waste. Single strip sealing vs. multiple strips of packaging tape.
  • Product Coding
  • The printing option allows inexpensive printing of messages or branding directly on the tape during the sealing process.
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Cartons sealed with paper or reinforced paper tapes are completely recyclable. Those sealed with packaging tape, staples and certain glues can make the recycling process more complex and expensive