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Siat SR20 S/A – Random Adjustment


The Siat SR20 is a Semi-Automatic Case Sealer with Random Adjustment. SR20 represents the ideal solution when your packaging line processes boxes with different dimensions. Thanks to the 4 belts box control, the sealing process is always guaranteed without jams, also in case of overstuffed and empty boxes.

Features & Benefits

  • Pneumatic adjustment of the carton box width and height
  • K11R (50 mm) or K12R (75 mm) taping unit
  • Top and bottom drive belts
  • Drive belts speed 20 m/min.
  • 2 motors (0,13 kW)
  • output: 15 bpm (average depending on box dimensions)


  • Strong design
  • Perfect control of the packaging process
  • Maximum reliability
  • Easy maintenance

Box Dimensions

  • L 150 mm W 140 mm H 100 mm
  • L ∞ W 500 mm H 500 mm

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