Signode GCU

The Signode GCU 2500 Series Compression Strapping Machines

The GCU 2500 modular compression strapping machine has been developed with a highly flexible design with a wide range of machine options. The GCU press suits most customers’ needs to compress and secure their materials onto pallets using Signode’s high-performance Tenax® PET strapping. The standard machine comes with two strapping bayonets, chutes and two MHC strapping heads.

The machine is built as standard with a heavy-duty frame, heavy-duty compression platen with variable drive, for low maintenance. Telescopic strap chutes enable high-speed, accurate strap feeding and most importantly vertical strap positioning onto the load. The MHC Modular head is for high-performance 9mm – 12mm Tenax PET strapping.


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Further benefits are:

  • Maximum machine up-time due to simple MHC head feeder design
  • High production throughputs – for production lines of up to 150 pallets per hour
  • Easy strap accumulation, feed up and re-feed from the powered dispensers increasing machine up-time
  • Improved load securement & package stability due to consistent strap tension
  • Lower cost of ownership on the basis of easy service & low maintenance
  • 30 programmable strapping programs as standard