Straplite Fully Auto Strap

High Quality PET Strap for fully automatic strapping machine applications in the brick and corrugated industries. This strap supports most supplier branded strapping machines.





  • Acceptable performance on most fully auto machines as well.
  • STRAPLITE PET is marketed as a cost effective quality strapping solution to general packaging applications.
  • STRAPLITE PET product widths range from 9.0mm to 19mm (sizes above this are available by special request.
  • STRAPLITE PET product thicknesses range from 0.6mm to 1.0 mm (thicknesses above this are available by special request
  • General embossed strap surface to accommodate both friction welding joints and also heater blade joint sealing. Heavier embossing patterns improving tensioning grip are also possible where required.
  • STRAPLITE PET strap is typically green in colour although black strap is available for specific applications.
  • Tensile break strength characteristics of up to 400 N/mm2.
  • Excellent thermal properties even at temperatures of 120 degrees C.
  • High elasticity and exceptional elasticity recovery once tensioned within the material ‘working range’.
  • Resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions.
  • Good tension over extended periods.
  • Significant improvement to handling safety when compared to steel strapping