TD2100 Electric Dispenser

Gummed Paper Tape – without a doubt, the most effective, and most tamper proof method to secure your packages…

Marsh TD2100 Electric – without a doubt, the most effective and efficient machine ever designed and  manufactured by Marsh Shipping Supply Co., LLC. Used to dispense gummed paper tape, the industry has waited years for this machine. You’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait! The TD2100 has been designed with ease of operation and dependability in mind. So, if you are feeling a little insecure about your carton closure –
be confident that your packages will be received intact – use the Marsh TD2100 with gummed paper tape.


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TD2100 Electric Dispenser TD2100-Electric-Dispenser application/pdf 2 MB



  • Heavy duty all metal uni-body chassis construction.
  • Powdercoat painted with industrial finish.
  • Long –lasting, high strength injection molded enclosures.
  • Built-in, all metal adjustable tape guides.
  • Maintains tape roll for smooth tape flow and accurate cutting/less jamming.
  • High RPM brushless motor with brake and neoprene drive belt.
  • Very quick .Very quiet.
  • High resolution encoder fastened directly to the motor.
  • Eliminate tape waste with accurate tape lengths.
  • Lightning fast at the press of a key.
  • Dispenses tape at 3 feet (91cm) per second.
  • Bigger is Better! 70 oz water bottle increases production “Up Time” with fewer refills.
  • Rubber valve reduces water spillage.
  • Largest bottle in the industry!
  • The all new TD2100 Electric is available in 3 models to meet your specific carton closure needs. Standard, Premium Short and
  • Premium Long.
  • All models feature a tactile keypad, programmable repeat keys for short and long tape lengths. Ideal for sealing same size cartons!
  • Random/Continuous feed feature built-in. LCD Display of lengths.

Premium model not only offers 10 pre-set selectable lengths but with the use of the “num lock” key provides option to input custom lengths ranging from 5″ – 99″.

Gummed paper tape is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also durable, easy to work with and quick-sealing.

Unlike some tapes that adhere just to the surface of the material they’re applied to, the gummed tape is activated by water. When it’s applied to a corrugated box, it forms a solid and secure bond.