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TEC 810 Glue Gun


The TEC 810-12 brings a new level of performance and reliability to the mid range industrial glue gun section of the market. The TEC 810-12 has been designed for continuous industrial use. Built to the highest standard with the goal of having the highest performing glue gun in its class. The TEC 810-12 features a highly efficient melt chamber which gives a warm up time of only 2 to 3 minutes, with a glue delivery rate in excess of 2 kilos an hour (depending upon glue formulation). The temperature is accurately controlled by a preset thermostat. These can be easily changed to adjust the gun temperature for the different types of Hotmelt and Lowmelt adhesives available. The TEC 810-12 is exceptionally comfortable and easy to use with a full hand lever trigger, narrow profile handle and soft feel grip. The trigger can also be adjusted to suit different sized hands. The gun’s thin profile improves access and visibility and the smooth nose section is easy to clean. With illuminated on/off switch and a detachable base stand that also includes a nozzle spanner and stores the trigger stop adjustment screw.

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