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tesa Softprint® 72222 Sleevemaster


The tesa Softprint 72222 Sleevemaster is a foam plate mounting tape. It is used for mounting of 1,14 mm and 1,70 mm flexographic printing plates onto PU and glassine cylinders. tesaprint® plate mounting tapes with film or cloth backings are used whenever a cushion is not required. The cushioning foams are for high-quality flexo printing on corrugated board.

Features & Benefits

Double-sided foam tape

Foam properties

  • Low thickness tolerance
  • Long lasting, constant recovery characteristics

Adhesive properties

  • Medium tack surface characteristics
  • Sufficient plate bonding
  • Easy plate demounting
  • Fair tape bonding towards sleeve side

Additional property

  • Strutcured PP-liner to prevent formation of air pockets when the plate is mounted


Type of adhesive

Tackified acrylic

Type of liner




Total thickness


Backing Material

PE foam with film lamination

Thickness category


Logo Colour


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