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Industry: Furniture manufacturing, Timber Door & Wood Framing

VIM Corrugated Nailer


The VIM Corrugated Nailer is an affordable and durable option for applications that require high power for hardwood applications such as picture frames, mirror, window and door frames. It is easy to use and comes with various features such as an anti-double shot mechanism. It is used with the CF25P corrugated fastener

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect balance & Light-weight
  • High power for hard wood applications
  • 360° adjustable exhaust cover
  • Slide-in insert to adjust the different lengths of fasteners
  • Anti-double shot mechanism
  • Profiled nose and extended driver to work on corner joints
  • Aluminium alloy housing


VIM Corrugated Nailer

Power Supply


Operating Pressure

100 – 120 psi

Dimensions (L x W x H)

280mm x 85mm x 290mm


2.75 kg



Length of Fastener

9mm x 12mm x 15mm

Fastener Capacity

100 pcs

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