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Industry: Construction, Agriculture

Wrapper Full Web 1,3Mast


The heavy duty semi-automatic full web wrapper has been designed specifically for the brick & tile industry. The wrapper can wrap up to a maximum of 1800 mm ensuring that your entire pallet has been stabilised for transportation. Custom builds will allow your machine to stretch up to 150% which will reduce your cost on consumable purchases making the difference on your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Build
  • Up to 150% stretch
  • Control panel and timer functions



Standard Narrow Pallet Jack

Turntable diameter


Turntable height


Maximum turntable load

2000 kg

Power Consumption

230 volt, 75 kW

Turntable speed

9 RPM ( Adjustable ) motor ,55 kW

Wrapping height

From 1000mm – 1800mm

Film specifications

Core 76mm, 2000mm long max

Film stretch

60% or as required

Control system

Push buttons on control panel, VSD, Timer


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