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Siat XL35


XL35 is a semi-automatic "Fixed Format" case sealer: it means that all the adjustments needed to use the machine in a correct way are done manually. It is used for long production runs with same boxes dimension. The machine applies automatically two self-adhesive tape stripes on the upper and lower boxes middle line. Adjustment and use are intuitive, simple and fast.

Features & Benefits

  • Side drive belts with self-centering screw adjustment device
  • Manual adjustment on various box sizes
  • 2 x K11R taping unit – 50 mm width
  • 2 motors kW 0,13 each
  • Extruded aluminium telescopic legs with millimetric guide
  • Locked stop emergency button


  • Sturdy frame
  • Suitable for narrow boxes
  • Easy operation and adjustment

Box Dimensions


  • L 150 mm W 130 mm H 100 mm
  • L ∞ W 500 mm H 500 mm



  • L 150 mm W 105 mm H 90 mm
  • L ∞ W 500 mm H 500 mm

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