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Industry: Mattress Manufacturing

XT9 Chain Stitch Quilter


Sew together mattress comfort layers for less than 5% of the cost of glue methods. The XT9 can sew sheets together for a low cost worth of thread in comparison to the adhesives commonly used within the bedding industry. The XT9 replaces expensive, messy gluing methods with clean, inexpensive stitching. A set of nine long needles penetrate up to four inches of layered materials, combining it all in a single pass through the machine in about 35 seconds.

Features & Benefits

XT9 provides single-pass assembly.

  • Hot-melt and water-based gluing process requires multiple passes to create assembly.
  • In addition, water-based requires a heat machine or time for water to evaporate.
  • Both glue processes require a press for glue transfer to create a bond.
  • XT9 eliminates these additional steps and machines

XT9 maintains the desired integrity of your product’s intended comfort.

  • Hot-melt and water-based bonding process alters the desired “feel and comfort” of your product by creating a laminated/stiff product.
  • XT9 allows your layers to “float” individually, giving the intended “feel and comfort” of each individual layer.
  • Gluing eliminates airflow and creates a vapour barrier.
  • XT9 provides a “cooling” airflow with no vapour barrier through stitched layers.

XT9 creates an environmentally friendly and recyclable product.

  • Glued layers are created with chemicals; XT9 uses thread.
  • Glued layers are difficult to separate for recycling; XT9 layers can be separated by removing the thread.

Here’s how it works:

  • Gravity conveyor feeds stacked foam layers into XT9.
  • Electric eyes detect material height and adjust automatically to fit.
  • Rubberized belts advance the material in coordination with the needle stoke.
  • Needle and looper threads are trimmed.
  • Motorized belt conveyor discharges the completed sewn-layered unit.

Technical Specifications



Max sewing speed

2200 rpm

Recommended sewing speed

2000 rpm

Needle spacing

229 mm

Needle type

794 Series Gribetz Spec

Needle size


Number of loopers


Needle Height

7.94 mm


208V/460V, 3 Phase


50/25 amps (Depending on Voltage)

Air pressure

6.2 bar

Air consumption

33 L/min

Max material width

2159 mm

Min material width

1829 mm

Max thickness

102 mm

Min thickness


Production units

1 queen/35sec

Footprint (L x W)

6629 mm x 3810 mm


3829 kg

Shipping dimensions (L x W x H)

3150mm x 1450mm x 1900mm

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